More Nexus 8 leaks add to the possibility of a Google I/O debut and NVIDIA CPU

We’re now less than a month away from Google I/O 2014, and that means we will start seeing more frequent leaks of what exactly Google has in store for us at the developer conference. One of the things we have been expecting this year is a Nexus 7 refresh, as the current model is approaching its one-year birthday. Leaks of an HTC-manufactured Nexus 8 have already slowly started streaming out of Mountain View, but this latest one possibly adds some critical details to the leaks of weeks past.

Allegedly found in Android source code, this information on Flounder (the Nexus 8’s supposed codename) sheds light on a few different things. First, Google is trying some new things with Android, as a possible 64-bit version is being worked on. There’s also a new method to log items in Android reportedly — which developers aren’t having a fun time with at the time of this writing — and this is where we hear another possible codename for the device, Volantis. The developer notes the problems with this method will be fixed before the official launch.

The part where this all gets interesting is the CPU that will tag along with the Nexus 8. Possibly, a 64-bit version of the NVIDIA Tegra K1 will be made use of, which is quite surprising for a few different reasons. Foremost, a previous rumor stated that an Intel-based CPU could power the device. The next point is that Qualcomm chips have powered the last few Nexus devices, though NVIDIA did add the Tegra 3 to the first-generation Nexus 7.

Source: Android source code

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