Are we getting a another Nexus tablet? At this point, the ultimate fate of the Nexus series in general may be up in the air, but rumors have still been clinging to the idea that this year might bring us a Nexus 8. We’ve heard a few guesses along the way at what to expect from the hardware, but there’s not been much at all in the way of hard evidence to confirm this tablet even exists. We may not be quite there yet, but a new discovery sure does seem to hint at an upcoming Nexus device of some kind.

Google loves to use sea life codenames for Nexus devices: the Nexus 4 was mako, the Nexus 5 was hammerhead, and the Nexus 10 was manta. But now there’s a new bug report for Chrome filed by a Google employee, and the text string identifying the reporting device includes the name “flounder.”

That’s quite reminiscent of the “flo” codename used for the WiFi-only 2013 Nexus 7, but we’ve never seen it expanded to flounder like this, giving us the distinct impression that we’re looking at new hardware.

The bug report also reveals this flounder to be running an SDK development branch of Android, with a build compiled just earlier this week. None of this gives us any particular insight into the Nexus 8 itself (assuming that’s what this really is), nor Google’s launch plans (though all eyes are on Google I/O), but that name at least gives us something to start looking for from here on out.

Source: Google
Via: BGR

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