What do you think of this Nexus 8 concept?

Nikolai Prettner was the creator of the HTC M8 concept we showed you two weeks ago. In the light of the recent rumors talking about a future possible ASUS-made Google Nexus 8 for this year, he has put together the Nexus 8 concept render above. This is how he imagines Google’s 2014 smaller-slate, still one-inch larger than the 2013 model.

Judging by the reduced size of the bezels, we’d be inclined to believe that the physical dimensions of the entire build would be similar, or very close to the 2013 model and the original Nexus 7. These slates packed a seven-inch display. We’re seeing a webcam at the top, to the left of the ambient light and proximity sensors, but we’re also seeing a button at the bottom. Or is it an earpiece and a front-facer? Or a security feature a la “fingerprint scanner”?

Speculate away in the comments below, but please DO remember, this is just a Nexus 8 concept, so treat it accordingly. Tell us how you like it, and also how would you imagine the Nexus 8?

Source: Google+

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