Even though the HTC-made Nexus phones for 2016 have moved monikers, it seems that there’s a Nexus straggler coming out of Huawei. Casual droppings about the company “doing the Nexus again this year” have been pretty shallow so far, but this “Huawei 7P” hasn’t had a blockbuster leak yet for it to “justify” its existence. Until today.

9to5Google is reporting and inferring from multiple sources that this 7-inch Android tablet will most likely retain the Nexus branding. Well, we misspoke about the “Android” part — in addition to a third “Chromebook” Pixel device coming late next year, the Nexus 7P will run Andromeda OS, the rumored merged software product of Android and Chrome OS.

We don’t have much more for you on the tablet, except for these unconfirmed, standard-sounding specs from earlier this month.

9to5 is also reporting that Google is in the midst of testing Andromeda on the Nexus 9 because it seems that advanced-release hardware is scarce at the company right now. An Andromeda build won’t be publicly released for the Nexus 9, though.

While the Pixel 3 could come as late as the third quarter of next year, the Nexus 7P still looks to be a go by the end of this year, according to Evan Blass.

Source: 9to5Google
Via: Android Police
Image: Huawei MediaPad M2

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