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Nexus 7 Was Supposed To Have a Main Camera

By Anton D. Nagy July 27, 2012, 1:05 am

Google’s first Nexus tablet, the pure-Android Nexus 7, does not have a main (rear-facing) camera, as we all know. We also know, straight from the manufacturer itself, that such a camera would have increased the price tag and that a decision has been taken to not include such an imaging feature to keep the costs low.

However, the Nexus 7, when designed, was thought out with a camera in mind (or Asus is re-using or planning on re-using the main board). Thanks to a rather unusual unboxing (which not only takes out the device from the box, but takes out the guts from within) we can see clearly that everything was designed with a camera in mind. The board contains an empty spot where the camera should have been, with connectors and all, but it’s missing. You can see it in the screenshot above. If you want to see the entire unboxing, check it out below (camera stuff at 5:30).

Source: YouTube

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