As afternoon starts rolling in to evening, we think it’s more than safe to call it: no new Nexus phone today. That’s fine, as it’s sure to be just around the corner, anyway, and we’ll no doubt be getting word of its launch in just another week or two. Still, we can understand if you’ve been jonesing for a new Google product announcement. Even if we can’t deliver there, we’ve got a little something that could at least help ease that hole in your heart, with a couple new Nexus 7 videos.

Google touches on things like the ability to download textbooks to the tablet, but the heart of both these bits is on search – and particularly Google Now. That’s also something we expect to keep seeing Google putting front and center with its launch of Android 4.4m which we’ve heard will feature improvements in accessing Now via voice prompt.

Sure, there’s nothing new here that anyone following Android and the Nexus 7 wasn’t aware of already, but hey: one’s got a cute dog, and in our no-Nexus-5-funk, we’ll take what we can get.

Source: Google (YouTube)
Via: Android Central

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