How to get your Nexus 7 to work on Verizon LTE (video)

The LTE version of the 2013 Nexus 7 should work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and even Verizon LTE. That last one isn’t as easy as you might think that it should be. Why? Verizon hasn’t added the IMEI numbers from the Nexus 7 to their “approved” list.

There is a work-around, and it’s relatively simple — but it does require either a helpful store manager, or a little bit of social engineering.

Hit play, and watch as I go on-location and under-cover to tell you how to get your Nexus 7 to work on Verizon LTE.

The only thing keeping the Nexus 7 from working with Verizon’s LTE is the lack of its IMEI numbers being in Verizon’s systems. One might think Verizon would simply add the numbers, but according to Android Police, the reason is because the Nexus 7 didn’t pass the certification process and was put on hold until after the KitKat update was released.

“During the certification process for the Nexus 7, Google, Asus, and Verizon uncovered a systems issue that required Google and Asus to undertake additional work with the Jelly Bean OS running on the device. Since Google was about to launch its new KitKat OS, rather than undertake this work, Google and Asus asked Verizon to suspend its certification process until Google’s new OS was available on the Nexus 7.”

Some argue that essentially “blocking” the Nexus 7 from being allowed on Verizon’s LTE network violates the agreement Verizon made with the FCC when they won the auction for the 700 MHz spectrum. Regardless, without the workaround outlined here, the Nexus 7 won’t “just work” with Verizon. Not just yet anyway.

With the work-around, however, other than Verizon’s online account tools not working, your Nexus 7 should work just fine on the Verizon LTE network.

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