For weeks now, Android 4.3’s been hanging over us like a low lying cloud. All the signs of it are out there, but it continues to be just out of our reach. Some theories have been looking to the idea of a June launch, and as we try and suss-out just when that could take place, some evidence has arrived that, while largely circumstantial, sure has the feel of a new Android release to it.

This afternoon’s find is all about the Nexus 7. It turns out that the tablet just saw the publication of its Bluetooth SIG listing… again? After all, this is what the Nexus 7 went through back when it launched last summer, so why is it back now?

Make no mistake – this is no Nexus 7 successor, as the model number ME370T is unchanged from tablet with which we’re already familiar. So, why head back to the Bluetooth SIG? The key could be in the Android build version.

It’s given in this listing as JWR11. Now, that doesn’t quite match some other builds we’ve seen attributed to Android 4.3 (like JWR45B on that Nexus 4 last week), but it’s sure past the JDQ39 that’s the most recent publicly available version.

One of the big things we’re looking forward to in Android 4.3 is Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. When we consider everything we’re seeing here, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the Nexus 7 might be revisiting the Bluetooth SIG in preparation for new Bluetooth functionality it’s about to gain with the release of Android 4.3.

Source: Bluetooth SIG
Via: Phandroid

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