The Nexus 6P was no stranger to bugs. Whether we talk about the charge state bug in Nougat on the Nexus 6P or the bootloop problems, several users had their fair share of headaches over these issues. A “high-severity” exploit was found by IBM’s X-Force team, and it affected the Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P smartphones.

The security vulnerability is a rather serious one, as an attacker with USB access is able to take over the onboard modem during boot-up. As a direct consequence, the attacker is able to listen in on phone calls, as well as intercept mobile data packets. Furthermore, an attacker could find out the “exact GPS coordinates with detailed satellite information, place phone calls, steal call information, and access or change nonvolatile items or the EFS partition.”

The good thing is that Google acted on these vulnerabilities before they became public, and pushed out fixes to address the issues. The patches that plug the vulnerabilities were rolled out in November for the Nexus 6, and January for the 6P, so you should be relatively safe if your device is up to date.

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