Nexus 6P charge state bug persists on Android Nougat

It’s getting close to two months since we told you about some Nexus 6P (and in some cases, 5X) units shutting off for no particular reason with batteries charged well above empty.

The devices’ manufacturers have shunted off responsibility to Google and the company has yet to firmly address this random shutdown issue. And it shouldn’t take this long to address an issue that’s essentially be left to spread. Perhaps the Pixel’s taking up all of the support oxygen.

Users who have encountered this problem have had to either restart the phone or get the device to a charger before restarting it. And sure, while the phone gets back up to the battery level it was at before the cut-out, the rigmarole has left people in the cold rain without an Uber to take them home or on a mountainside, potentially lost in the wilderness. And that is not acceptable.

As a reminder, both of the 2015 Nexuses are well within their two-year software support periods. LG recently had to refund Nexus 5X customers after not being able to fulfill repairs.

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