It can happen at any moment. A car crash nearly side swipes you, but it goes on down the road. You pull your Nexus 6P out and snap a few pictures and get ready to share with whoever will see them… and then your phone dies. At 50 percent.

Why is this happening? What is happening? How is it happening? The Android subreddit doesn’t exactly know, but there’s a thread on it that has people talking about it happening — anything from calls to randomly browsing through web can cause an instant drop in battery charge to zero.

In the case of Redytedy on YouTube, he has to put his 6P on the charger before it decides to turn back on. Redditor Cewkie’s battery graph (shown at top) shows that the phone returns to the same battery state as before the shutdown. Down the thread, reports for the same thing happening to the Nexus 5X started popping up.

Many others are thumbing Android Nougat as a software cause for this odd behavior with the 7.1.1 update providing a fix, but only a temporary one. Another fix to tide over is a factory reset. Others are requesting a return merchandise authorization and are seeing no problems on the replacement unit.

With the two phones launching on Android 6.0, perhaps battery calibration is an issue with a full point update, especially when degradation is happening. But this issue only takes a split second to manifest itself. Following a fix, the status quo returns.

We spotted a thread on the Nexus Help Forum with the same problem reported on October 23. So far, no dice from Google. But company may be staring this issue down with more community pressure.

Source: Reddit, Nexus Help Forum
Via: PhoneArena
Image: Imgur (/u/Cewkie)

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