Nexus 6P bending

“Everyone needs an expensive hobby, right?”

“Zack” of JerryRigEverything has that right. His relatively small YouTube channel has rocketed up in subscriber count since his original torture test of the Huawei-made Nexus 6P.

Some have speculated that with the bend test in that video coming after a compromising flame test against the Gorilla Glass 4 panel on the device, it was, of course, an easy bend.

It seems that Zack wanted to address the talkers by sinking his hands into another Nexus 6P unit. Videos like his, he argues, are important for consumers as smartphones probably encounter the more incidental damage than any other possession we own. He points out three (but really two) structural flaws of the phone.

  • The aluminium back-frame is held to the body only by the glass panel and a set of plastic dovetails at the bottom of the device.
  • The lack of bolted attachment of the back-frame’s siding to the body of the device means that the frame can easily free-float.
  • The siding also has a weak point between the volume rocker and power button that matches with a gap in the body between the structurally significant battery and the logic board.

“It must’ve been brainstorming amateur hour at Huawei when they suggested joining aluminium and plastic with a woodworking joint,” Zack says in the video.

While the dovetails themselves seemed to work just fine, in between the embeds and bottom mount were thin, fragile fingers of plastic — not a trait of the classic dovetail join.

But Zack mentions one redeeming point (on behalf of the rest of the Nexus 6P’s redeeming points):

Remember that any positive thing that anyone has ever said about this phone is probably still true. Just because it has one fatally significant hardware flaw doesn’t make it a terrible phone. Just treat it nicer than you normally would.

Funny for a device that scored so poorly in repairability that the components come apart so easily.

Via: PhoneArena

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