Speakerphone issues nagging Nexus 6 users after Android 7.1.1 update, Google on the case

All-forgiving, inhumanly patient and long-suffering owners of Google’s original Nexus 6 just can’t catch a break, having to wait an eternity for their stab at Android 7.0 Nougat last fall, then another few months for additional bugs to be quashed before they could receive a 7.1 update, only to now stumble into a whole new “situation.”

The Android 7.1.1 software goodie pack, which was supposed to make the fall 2014-released Motorola phablet run smoother than ever before, apparently broke the speakerphone for a disturbingly large number of users.

Many report hearing unusual echoes or overall distorted sound on either the caller or the receiver’s end, and there’s only one sure-fire way to fix the recurrent issue. Make that two, since you can revert back to the platform’s 7.0 build and have everything working again, or, well, stop using the speakerphone function.

Fortunately, Google is already on the case, having “passed this defect on to the development team”, with “more information” coming “as it becomes available.” On the not so bright side, the glitch has a small-priority label attached, suggesting it may still take a while until it’s ironed out.

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