The Motorola-made Nexus 6 is many things: it’s easily the best-equipped Nexus smartphone to date, it’s the biggest Nexus handset by a long shot, and it’s your only option for checking out cutting-edge services like Google’s Project Fi. Yet for all the notes the Nexus 6 hits, it’s been hard to ignore the way the phone has rejected the budget-friendly pricing of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, instead arriving with a price tag more befitting a flagship-level phone. If the Nexus 6’s $650 starting price left you looking for more affordable options, we’ve got some good news for you this afternoon, as Google seriously discounts the smartphone.

For the time being, Google’s giving Nexus 6 shoppers a $150 price break.

That lowers that 32GB Nexus 6 price to just about $500, or more like $550 for the 64GB edition. And just as before, both models ship for free.

smartwatch-3-smallThe savings at the Google Store extend past smartphones, though, and in addition to the $100 price cut that continues for the Moto 360, another Android Wear model sees the arrival of a new discount, with the Sony Smartwatch 3 dropping $50 from its sticker price.

We haven’t seen anything yet about just how much longer any of these deals might last, and especially with as big a sale as we’re getting on the Nexus 6, you might not want to dally too long, lest you miss your chance to save.

Source: Google
Via: Droid Life

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