The last week has been chock full of leaks attempting to reveal the Motorola phablet under development as codename Shamu, believed by many to be the device that will become Google’s next Nexus phone. But even with this hardware showing up in the flesh, a host of questions about the device and how it might launch continued to puzzle us. Last night, some new details about purported plans for the phone emerged in a new leak, giving us quite possibly our best sense of the new Nexus yet.

First up, how about that name? Nexus 6 had been the presumptive launch name, but recent rumors suggested Google might be going in a different direction, releasing this one as the Nexus X. This new source dismisses that idea and doubles-down on the Nexus 6 label.

Shamu’s phablet size is once again confirmed, described here as sporting a 5.9-inch quad HD panel. The phone will reportedly borrow the new Moto X’s camera, complete with 13MP sensor and dual-LED-flash ring, just like we saw in last week’s pics (above).

Support for the Motorola Turbo Charger is mentioned (just like we’re expecting for the also-upcoming Droid Turbo on Verizon), to help quickly top-off the Nexus 6’s big battery, described here as 3200+mAh – how much “plus,” we don’t yet know. On the front, expect stereo speakers, as well as a two-megapixel camera.

On the software side, we don’t hear much, aside form a new emphasis on Drive apps and possible changes to the way the phone’s messaging services are accessed.

This all adds up to making the dream of a new phone-sized Nexus this fall seem increasingly unlikely. Does that mean that the Nexus 5 will be sticking around once the Nexus 6 lands? Will there be a new smaller Nexus joining the Nexus 6 in the months to come? The jury’s still out on those questions, for now at least.

Artistic interpretation – not an official Motorola render.

Source: Android Police

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