Nexus 5

We just heard the latest rumors on LG’s possible launch plans for the G3, adding further support to the idea that we wouldn’t be waiting around until August or September again this year, with the phone being unveiled as soon as June. For the last two years, this LG G-series flagship has served as the outline for Google’s Nexus phone; will 2014 repeat that trend? At least one rumor responds in the affirmative, and hints at some of the differences between the G3 and this Nexus 6. claims that the Nexus 6 will be a “lightweight” version of the G3. Well, what might that mean? We’ve already seen the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 drop a number of features that the Optimus G/G2 had (LTE support, rear volume controls), but “lightweight” almost sounds like we’re talking about more extreme changes, like going with a different SoC, or something along that line that impacts performance. Then again, we’re working from a translated report here, and it may be inappropriate to read too much into the implications behind the specific words being used.

Does a G3-based Nexus 6 mean that the phone will similarly be arriving in late spring? Again, we’re stymied by an ungraceful translation, and can’t quite grok if this source is attempting to confirm a May/June launch for the Nexus 6, or is specifically discounting such a possibility. In any case, this whole report sounds a little shaky, so we’ll be looking for more confirmation before we start forming any Nexus 6 expectations.

Source: (Google Translate)
Via: Android Spin

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