Want to pre-order a Nexus 6? New stock incoming tomorrow

It really feels like the name of the game when it comes to the latest Nexus hardware is “limited availability.” Look no further than HTC’s Nexus 9 sale earlier today, which sold out faster than many shoppers had time to react. The Nexus 6 didn’t fare much better when its own pre-orders opened last week, with the smartphone hitting “out of inventory” status in just hours. We later heard that the supply problems with the Play Store might be some degree of intentional, with the plan to set aside the bulk of stocks for carrier-fueled sales, but surely the phone must return to Google’s own storefront at some point, right? Today we get an update on what to expect, as Google clues us in to more Nexus 6 units arriving each Wednesday.

Starting tomorrow, and continuing for the immediate future, Google intends to make additional Nexus 6 phones available for pre-order on Wednesday each week. There’s no telling just how many it will have each time (nor when in the day new stocks will be released), so if you’ve been itching to place that pre-order after trying and failing initially, be sure and check Google Play bright and early tomorrow morning.

Google also reiterates that sales in brick-and-mortar carrier stores are just weeks away, with the Nexus 6 coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular locations later this month; Verizon is conspicuously absent from the list.

Having had a week more to think about it, who’s eager to snatch one of these units up as soon as Google re-opens pre-orders? Who’s waiting for carrier sales? And have any of you taken the time to reconsider the whole thing, possibly tempted by another new smartphone model?

Update: Sure as sugar, it’s available for pre-order again.

Update 2: Or was available? No sooner did we post that first update than we refreshed the Play Store listing and the phone was once again marked “out of inventory.”

Source: Google
Via: Droid Life

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