Nexus 6 Camera and Headphone jack

This year, more major carriers than ever before are interested in the latest Nexus smartphone, with all the big players here in the US either already selling or soon planning to welcome the Nexus 6. And while that’s great for the phone’s exposure, the way these sales have been happening is a little unusual. While most handsets that sell full-price in the mid-$600 range (like the Nexus 6 does) see on-contract pricing of about $200, the Nexus 6 has been attracting the kind of premium pricing normally seen with more expensive devices: AT&T asked $250 for the phone, while Sprint wanted $300. We’re not quite down to the $200 mark we’d like to see just yet, but progress is already being made, as Sprint gives up on that $300 figure.

Not even one week from when the Nexus 6 first landed at Sprint, the carrier is already changing that $300 on-contract price to match AT&T’s $250. Already shelled-out $300 for the phone? Leaked docs reveal that Sprint will automatically refund the $50 difference to early adopters as a bill credit.

Clearly, it didn’t take long for Sprint to realize that the $300 price point was untenable; will it be much longer before we see these $250 on-contract prices subjected to a similar fate, sliding down to the much-more-familiar $200 space? One big factor that’s yet to reveal itself is what Verizon intends to charge for the phone – and even if that one comes in at $250 itself, other carriers may take that as the opportunity to enact their own discounts, hoping to stem any loss of sales to Verizon.

Source: Sprint
Via: Android Police

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