While we’re probably mere days away from Apple flaunting new record numbers for early adoption of a major iOS makeover, 7.0 Nougat is yet to break the 0.1 percent barrier in worldwide Android distribution.

That’s because Google hasn’t done a great job spreading the N love for even well-qualified Nexus devices, leaving the 6P hanging until late last week, and still barely offering 6.0.1 Marshmallow factory images as far as the original N6 and LTE-enabled N9 are concerned.

If it’s any consolation (most likely not), the search giant wants you to know the Motorola-made 2014 phablet and HTC’s high-speed 9-incher from the same year will eventually shed the M skin, and jump on the Android Nougat bandwagon.

In terms of “when”, things remain unclear, which suggests Big G has bugs to quash yet, but both highly anticipated, long overdue OTA rollouts should begin “in a few weeks.” Translation – almost certainly not this week, and unlikely to happen next week as well.

If Google delays these any further, the official updates could come after the Pixel and Pixel XL phones, possibly even the LG V20, which would look pretty bad. After all, the whole point of the Nexus program was not to wait for UI redesigns and important performance enhancements.

Source: Android Police

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