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We’re hard at work preparing our full reviews for the Google Nexus 6P and 5X, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait for our Nexus coverage in a vacuum. Hot on the heels of our Nexus double-unboxing and our Nexus 6P vs Nexus 5X comparison, we’ve got another head-to-head video for you, this time featuring two devices that should be on every penny-pincher’s mind this season.

Separated in price by only $20, the Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition each bring a lot of power for the price. Sharing the same processor and operating system and a similar devotion to timely Android updates, these smartphones are fundamentally cut from the same cloth. But dig just a little deeper, and the differences come pouring out. From build quality to display and camera resolution to context-sensitive features, the Moto X Pure Edition rains quite a few blows on the humbler Nexus 5X. Is the sequel to the beloved Nexus 5 really worth considering in the face of such a brutal challenger?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is more complex … and it’s contained in our in-depth Nexus 5X vs Moto X Pure Edition video below.

Nexus 5X vs Moto X Pure Edition

Looking for more coverage on the affordable-flagship segment? Check out our initial hands-on with the HTC One A9 and our full review of the Moto X Pure Edition, then follow that up with our full review of the OnePlus 2 and ASUS ZenFone 2!

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