$60 to a shady Chinese shop upgrades the Nexus 5X RAM, SoC

The Nexus 5X, made by LG, shipped with a Snapdragon 808 and 2GB of RAM. But it has been susceptible to bootloops and just plain old aging. All of this as the software keeps getting updated and tested to its limits.

One XDA-Developers forum member who got their unit in Hong Kong came into a bootloop issue right after the warranty window. Since LG would not take the device in for discounted repair, Cathair2906 decided to go to China to fix up the CPU. They were suggested that a CPU replacement and a RAM upgrade would be a good value for the price.

And so, the chipset was replaced with a Snapdragon 810 and the RAM total came up to 4GB. In subsequent screenshots, the device is shown identifying as a Nexus 5X with Android 7.1.2 and the April security patch with the above hardware set.

It all cost ¥400 or about $60, which is amazing considering the price of parts and labor. And given that most of the cases of LG phones bootlooping were happening with Snapdragon 808 devices, it might do just as well to go to a chip notorious for overheating.

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