The Nexus 5X’s display is called yellow — but Google will shine for you

Some people like to be picky about their displays. It’s not about how many pixels there are, but what kind of picture those pixels come together to make. Does it make sense? Does it look pleasing? If it doesn’t, some device batches may have not had the best QA looking them over.

It might be the case with the LG-made Google Nexus 5X as users are taking to the respective subreddit to report yellowy hues on their devices shipping from California, Illinois, Toronto and Mississauga.


Taking pictures of displays does not necessarily show the breadth of the problem, unfortunately. But there is good news to those who phoned into Google asking about the goings-on: Google’s shipping a free replacement to them.

While Google has handled at least a couple of cases we already know of, we’re not sure if that company or device manufacturer LG will send a concerted response regarding the issue. We may see those “free” units sent back to Google.

Source: Reddit
Via: G For Games

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