Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4 (Video)

There was no way I was ever gonna buy a Nexus 4.

Sure, the price tag was appealing. Yes, the construction was sleek and I found the disco paint job fun. And the prospect of succeeding my old’n’busted Galaxy Nexus LTE with a more modern, non-hobbled replacement was definitely tempting. But the lack of proper 4G, the godawful camera, and the fragile industrial design all conspired to place the Nexus 4 firmly on my “wait for something better to come along” list.

Well, something better just came along. And it’s called the Nexus 5. (Way to stay consistent, Google.)

We’ve seen how the Nexus 5 fares against Motorola’s more-innovative Moto X. We’ve seen how well it holds up under the withering assault of the better-built HTC One. Now it’s time to compare it, side by side, with its immediate predecessor in “Nexus 5 vs Nexus 4.” The new model solves almost every problem I had with the older one, and it comes in at a similarly low price point – but is that enough for us to recommend ditching Old Reliable for this sleek new offering from LG?

Spoiler: yes. Oh yes indeed it is. In the words of 2006-era Posh Spice, this thing is totally major.

In-video citation via The Verge

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