Nexus 5 unboxing (Video)

It’s been the subject of endless podcasts, roundtable discussions, and an avalanche of editorials – and now, we’ve got a specimen of our very own in the booth. Fresh off the back of the UPS truck, Pocketnow’s Nexus 5 review unit has arrived in all its 16GB, black-and-white glory, and it’s time we took it out of its box!

But this isn’t just an opportunity to give you a vicarious unboxing experience. It’s also a hands-on sneak preview of the smartphone you could win in the latest Pocketnow giveaway! That’s right: we’re giving away a white 16GB Nexus 5 just like this one. All you need to qualify is a Twitter account, and all you have to do is enter here for your chance to win.

Already entered? Swell! Click on down to the Nexus 5 unboxing below to see what it’s like to break the latest pure-Android flagship free from its retail packaging, then stay tuned for the usual rundown of comparisons and features running up to our full review, coming just as soon as we can build it. Don’t forget to drop your questions in the comments below, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and in our very own forums for much more on the Nexus 5 and every other mobile device we can get our hands on!

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