Google should keep the Nexus 5 around for another year

I’ve been using the Nexus 6 as my daily driver for several days now. It’s a beautiful phone! It’s fast, has excellent graphics, a camera that does everything I need it to, and a battery that I’ve been longing for! The only down-side? It’s big. REALLY big! It’s for that reason that the Nexus 5 should stick around for another year – if not more!

To start things off, I’m not a small man, and I’ve got quite large hands. No, we’re not talking basketball all-star size, but I can stretch an octave plus three keys. (If you don’t know how far that is, find a piano and see how far you can stretch.) My hands have proven to be a challenge. On-screen keyboards have always felt cramped and even clumsy to use, and for the longest time I avoided smartphones that didn’t have physical keys to press. The T-Mobile G1 and T-Mobile G2 were fabulous for their keyboards, but they were part of a dying breed. I found myself faced with a dilemma: adapt, or die. Well, maybe is wasn’t quite that bad, but it felt like it!

So adapt I did, but those on-screen keys were just so small! I relied upon autocorrect and custom dictionaries to help make up for the fat-fingered typos that occurred all too often – but that resulted in an entirely new set of problems. (Damn you, Autocorrect!)

nexus 6 review 3 pocketnowEnter the Nexus 6

I’ve never been a phablet guy. I’ve had opportunities to use the Note 3 and Note 4. I even used the ZTE ZMAX and HTC Desire Eye as my daily drivers for weeks. They were just too big, and I’d quickly return to my Nexus 4 or Nexus 5.

Each time I did, however, I realized that although the overall size of the device was more pocketable and more convenient, the shortened battery life and reduced screen size were sorely missed.

That’s when I got my Nexus 6.

After four days of using the device exclusively, I can say with confidence that I’m not going back. Although I’m still getting used to its size, the Nexus 6 is the perfect device for my daily use. I’ll learn to live with the added size, and I’m already getting used to holding it securely (which is a bigger challenge than many may think).

All that having been said, I’m even more decided now than ever that Google should keep the Nexus 5 around for at least another year.

Keep the Nexus 5

Nexus 5 leak

Where is this guy when you need him? I bet he could convince Google to keep the Nexus 5 around!

There are some people that the Nexus 6 just won’t work for. Similarly, there are some people for whom a 10-inch (or larger) tablet just won’t do, they need a 7-incher, and the Nexus 7 fills the bill perfectly!

It’s much the same for smartphones, and my wife is one of those people. Her hands are, well, womanly. They’re dainty and petite. She’s completely uncomfortable holding my Nexus 6.

She and I had an opportunity to meet with family from out-of-state over the weekend. Surprisingly, my wife’s cousin and her husband both owned a Nexus 5. Both had considered the Nexus 6, but turned it down because of its size. Google needs to capitalize on this and offer both the Nexus 6 (as its flagship phablet) and the Nexus 5 (as its flagship smartphone) in the Play Store.

Yes, I realize the specs on the Nexus 5 are getting a little dated. That can be easily remedied in two ways: keep the price the same and “refresh” the hardware with more up-to-date specs, or keep the specs the same and drop the price.

Whichever of those two options is taken, I’m okay with it. The only thing that would really irk me is if Google completely discontinues the Nexus 5.

All told, the Nexus 5 is still a great phone. If I hadn’t forked out my own hard-earned cash on the Nexus 6, I’d still be using my Nexus 5. Instead, my wife was able to upgrade from her Nexus 4 and get my Nexus 5 as a hand-me-down, and she loves it. The Nexus 5 is perfect for her. She represents a large demographic segment that Google will simply not be able to target unless it either continues selling the Nexus 5, or comes up with a compelling replacement.

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