There are new two ways about it: the Nexus 6 is the future of the Nexus smartphone lineup. And while the Nexus 5 has hung around even after the 6’s debut, we’ve been forced to acknowledge that the phone’s days are numbered. As of right now – in the US, at least – you’ll find the Play Store out of Nexus 5 inventory; it sure hasn’t felt like ongoing Nexus 5 sales are a big priority for Google. But just how much longer before this guy is gone for good? Today brings us news on a couple fronts about the handset’s future, all getting started with the report that production of the Nexus 5 has ceased.

That claim is attributed to a Google spokesperson, who added, “once they are gone, they’re gone, so we’d suggest people get them while they can.”

But even if no new Nexus 5s are being made, what about existing stock? It’s not like LG was building these things to order, after all. Indeed, further comments from Google clarify that sales of the Nexus 5 will return – for a while, at least. The company informs us, “Nexus 5 will continue to be available for sale on Google Play and through select retailers in Q1 2015.”

But further out then that, into Q2 2015? Well, we suppose some retailers could still have stocks they’ve been sitting on, but it sounds like you’d be gambling with your chances of finding the phone through most channels. If you’ve been considering picking up Google’s last budget-priced Nexus phone while you still can, you don’t need to rush out today, but dally too long and you might miss your shot.

Source: TechRadar, Gizmodo
Via: Droid Life

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