Every day, more and more Nexus 5 handsets are shipping out to Android fans; you’ve already seen us dive into the model and put it up against the Moto X. But as additional users get a chance to try out the hardware, we’re becoming more aware of certain issues with the phone, and one in particular that’s getting a lot of criticism is the unit’s sound quality. The good news there is that early indications point to the presence of some kind of software problem that should be fixable, rather than poor hardware being to blame.

If you haven’t checked out our Moto X comparison yet, you’re going to want to watch below – specifically, the portion that begins right about 6m40s in. There you’ll see us do a little A/B test, jumping between the Nexus 5 and Moto X playing back the same audio – and the difference is staggering.

But as it turns out, this lousy audio quality isn’t system-wide, and some apps seem immune, playing music without issue. That’s led to speculation that the Nexus 5’s software could be behind these quality problems, attempting to filter or otherwise shape its audio output, and ending up with the mess we see here.

We can’t help but wonder if this might be tied to Google’s rush to get together sufficient stock for the phone’s launch, resulting in a situation like we saw exemplified with the mandatory update needed to even set up the phone. Hopefully, Google will be speaking up soon to clarify just what’s going on here, and let us know if any fix might be forthcoming.

Source: Android Central

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