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By this point, most currently-supported Nexus devices have seen the release of Android 5.0.1 for their hardware. Google was quick to send out OTA updates for its WiFi tablets, and last week we started seeing the arrival of updates for phones like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 6. While all that was great, we were a little curious about what wasn’t emerging: a corresponding update for the Nexus 5. Not only had an OTA not been spotted, but Google hadn’t even added the 5.0.1 release to its repository of the Nexus 5’s factory images. What gives? Google’s still remaining quiet on the issue, but a carrier may have just given us some early warning about the pending Nexus 5 Android 5.0.1 release, as Sprint tells its users to be on the lookout as of today.

You may remember from last month that Sprint gave us our first heads-up about the incoming Nexus 5 Android 5.0 update; just hours after seeing Sprint’s announcement, we witnessed reports of the update coming to Nexus 5 phones everywhere – not only those on Sprint. As such, we’re optimistic that today’s heads-up similarly foretells an imminent release of this software.

To be fair, 5.0.1 itself isn’t a very exciting update. More than anything, we’re just interested in seeing the Nexus 5 keep up with the rest of its siblings. A week after the Nexus tablets would be one thing. A week after the other Nexus phones has us starting to raise an eyebrow. But if a release really is due any hour now, we can soon stop fretting over the Nexus 5’s future and get back to enjoying the handset.

Update: Just as promised, the OTA’s out. Download here if you’re into that whole manually-updating scene.

Source: Sprint
Via: Droid Life

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