The Nexus 4 is one of the handful of smartphones currently available that natively support wireless charging right out of the box. Unfortunately, the handset didn’t launch alongside its wireless charging orb, leaving you to track down third-party solutions if you wanted to take advantage of the feature. Last month, we learned that the accessory was finally about to arrive, but had our concerns with just how much it might cost – the Swedish site that listed the charger gave it a price tag that worked out to well over $100, but it wasn’t at all clear if that was just an expensive place to buy gadgets, or if the same sort of price would be following the charger everywhere. Now we’ve learned of another retailer which has opened up the Nexus 4 wireless charger for pre-orders, and its price is quite a bit more reasonable.

The charging orb still isn’t cheap, but at $60 with free shipping, it’s a heck of a lot better than we saw earlier. That’s also much more in line with what you might pay for a wireless charger from other companies, like Nokia. According to the retailer, it’s expecting stock of these chargers to arrive sometime in the next two-to-four weeks, which makes it sound like a February release is still in the cards for the orb.

What do you think? At $60, is this finally something that looks worth picking up, or are you just going to stick with your micro USB AC adapter for now?

Source: Pure Mobile
Via: Droid Dog

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