With the Nexus 4’s stock dramas a thing of the past, the phone’s been out of the spotlight lately. We’re still wondering if the white Nexus 4 is ever going to land, but beyond that, things have largely cooled off. That kind of inattention may have let LG and Google sneak a new Nexus 4 hardware revision past us, which appears to be already landing in customer hands.

So, what’s changed? Well, very little, really, but it’s still unusual to see a manufacturer switch-up a design like this. The most pronounced change appears to be the addition of two small nubs on the phone’s bottom rear edge. Apparently, these hold that edge up ever so slightly while the Nexus 4 is placed flat on its back, allowing users to still hear the phone’s speaker, which otherwise lies flush.

There’s another small change on the handset’s back, with the opening around the Nexus 4’s camera apparently shrinking down a little; it’s not clear why this particular adjustment was made, though some sources suggest it could be purely aesthetic.

It’s unclear just how widespread these changes may be, as well as just when these new Nexus 4s might have started shipping. If you bought one recently, do you notice these changes on your own phone?

Source: mobiFlip (Google Translate)
Via: Droid-life

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