Google’s Android 4.4 update for the Nexus 4 is on its way out to phones currently, but not everyone’s seeing it at once. A little earlier today, we heard from Google’s Dan Morrill about just why that is, and he also dropped a little advice of a specific way not to try forcing the update, if you wanted to avoid any glitches with your apps. Still, we did mention a few legit ways to get Android 4.4 early, including flashing the factory image. That’s probably further than many of you are willing to go, but what about the other option, manually flashing the update through your phone’s recovery? It’s quick, pretty straightforward, and ready for you to give it a shot, if you’re up for it.

Hit up that XDA thread in our source link, and you’ll see downloads for a number of Nexus 4 updates. You’re probably interested in that “KRT16S from JWR66Y” option up top, installing the latest KitKat on top of a previous Android 4.3 build.

In addition to that update file, you’ll also need to to grab the Android SDK. You can get a copy from Google (link below), but the key component we’re concerned with is the command-line Android Debug Bridge. Get your phone connected to the PC with ADB over USB, boot your Nexus 4 into recovery, and you’ll see the option to apply updates over ADB.

Then on your computer you’ll need to run “adb sideload,” where the filename there indicates where you saved the update you just downloaded, and you’re off!

Source: XDA-Developers forum, Android Developers (SDK)
Via: Android Central

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