Nexus 3 Appears In EXIF Data, Google Employee States It Has Been Modified

Google’s new Nexus device naming convention utilizes numbers to define screen sizes. We initially had the Nexus 7 and thanks to yesterday’s press release we now have the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10. A device called Nexus 3 has popped up in the EXIF data of a Google Switzerland employee and he claims the EXIF data has been modified.

To be more specific, the Googler, in his October 28 post containing the two pictures, stated that “we get to test some things before they’re launched, but for everything else, there’s”. We all know that EXIF data can be modified but let’s just stop and speculate for a second on why would a Google employee take his time to edit the information in such way before publishing it on his Google+ page?

There are two (actually, lots more) main reasons we can think about: 1. indeed there is somewhere a three-incher that is planned for a later release and this person jumped the gun, now trying to cover it up. 2. trying to attract attention to the company or himself, which he definitely managed.

The images are those types of images which a typical user would simply upload from the device directly to Google+. In this case there was an extra step in modifying the EXIF data, as claimed.

What do you think about all this? Speculate away!

Source: Google+

Via: TheDroidGuy

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