Who's to say whether the shape is distinctive, or just to fend of lawsuits.
Who’s to say whether the shape is distinctive, or just to fend of lawsuits.

One of the biggest mysteries hanging over hanging over Google’s Nexus series of Androids has concerned the fate of the 10-inch option. By now, Google’s made it clear that we get a new Nexus smartphone every year, and the way the first two generations of the Nexus 7 look, that’s a pattern we could see Google mirror with these smaller tablets. But what about bigger ones? The Nexus 10 launched all the way back in 2012, and after it passed that one-year mark, we really started looking in earnest for a replacement. While we still don’t have any firm answer, some recent developments over on the tablet’s Google Play listing might just point to a new version of the tablet incoming.

Back in October, we saw the 16GB Nexus 10 go “out of inventory,” followed several months later in January by the 32GB model. All of a sudden, though, both 16GB and 32GB options are now listed as “coming soon” in the Play Store.

It would be incredibly odd to bring an older model like this back, especially following several months of unavailability, a situation which is driving speculation that this move signals Google preparing for a new Nexus 10.

But if that’s indeed the case, how might the tablet arrive? We don’t have any big Google events on our calendars, but then again Google doesn’t necessarily need a big shindig to usher-in a new Nexus 10, and could go for a more low-key online-only announcement instead.

Or heck, maybe this “coming soon” means something else altogether, or could even just be a mistake – but it’s darn unusual, either way, and we’re itching to get to the bottom of it.

Source: Google Play
Via: The Droid Guy

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