Is it time for a whole new version of the world’s headline-grabbing “cloud-first” smartphone? Probably not, since Nextbit started asking for Kickstarter pledges back in September 2015, but only commercially released the first-gen Robin early this year.

That doesn’t mean you need to wait six more months for the minimalistically designed handset to heighten its pizazz, though, as existing “mint” and “midnight” colors should soon be joined by… crimson? Burgundy? Garnet?

No matter how it ends up being called for marketing purposes, the third available paint job has been confirmed on Twitter with a photo of an actual jar of red paint alongside a brush and a black Nextbit Robin bracing itself for a big makeover.

Nextbit Robin red sighting

“There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.” according to the startup company, which hints at a sighting of a mystery Nextbit phone in red as official proof of existence. No other aesthetic or internal changes are expected at the moment, though the software may get a major overhaul this fall.

That’s likely also when the OEM’s freshly revealed Web Client will move out of beta, allowing you to access pictures taken with the Nextbit Robin on desktops free of glitches.

Sources: Twitter, The Verge, Nextbit Community

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