Samsung’s next fitness tracker looks just like the Gear S2 smartwatch

The world’s top smartphone manufacturer in terms of sales is obviously no quitter, and that’s evident by its commitment for both tablets and wearable devices. Let’s face it, Samsung hasn’t been able to garner much mainstream popularity in either décor, and as far as the latter is concerned, it’s tried it all.

Tizen smartwatches, Android smartwatches, rectangular gadgets, round ones, fitness-oriented products, sub-$100 pieces, and $300+ “luxury” items. What’s next for the Gear wearable family? A circular low-cost activity tracker, apparently, that bears a striking resemblance with the top-of-the-line Gear S2 watch.

Not an entirely original concept, we’ll give you that, but you have to admit there aren’t many “basic” fitness trackers with an emphasis on design out and about. On classic and classy design, that is, sans bells or whistles, or minimalistic features.

Samsung SM-R150-2

This looming SM-R150 device, which doesn’t have a market name yet, looks exactly like the Gear S2 Sport… at a first glance, possibly with slightly inferior build quality in tow. The shiny bezel rotates, a number of “smart” functions are probably scrapped, and replaced with more advanced health monitoring.

It all starts with a standard heart rate monitor, though the user experience is also enriched by body fat measurements, a sensor for water intake, and a neat feature keeping score of your various workout repetitions. Let’s just hope Samsung prices the fitness tracker, codenamed Triathlon, in accordance with its real capabilities and target audience, not its appearance. Let’s say… $200? $150, maybe?

Source: SamMobile

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