Next myTouch Devices Coming from Huawei (Images)

HTC kicked off T-Mobile’s myTouch line back in 2009 with a rebranded HTC Magic, and had been the sole manufacturer of the handsets until late last year when LG introduced a pair of phones under the branding. Now it apprears as if yet a third OEM, Huawei, will have a chance to work on the popular Android series. We’re told that these two Gingerbread-powered devices — the U8680 and U8730 — are identical save for the keyboard, although besides their WVGA (480×800) resolution, no further details were revealed.

Huawei has somewhat quietly become the go-to manufacturer for carriers looking to offer affordable, house-branded gear. Both AT&T and T-Mobile have strong relationships with the Chinese corporation, especially Magenta, which has sourced both handsets and a tablet from Huawei (pronounced “Wah-way,” we learned). Although the two companies have followed different paths with different product mixes, we’re starting to see Huawei become more of recognized brand and less of a nameless fabricator, much the same as HTC did — it wouldn’t surprise us to see T-Mobile release a Huawei-branded device before the end of the year, in fact.

We’re expecting Huawei’s entries into the myTouch lineup to land in late spring, probably at the end of May. We’re also expecting them to be very affordably priced.

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