Lenovo and Moto are doing modular phones right – at least in this editor’s opinion. The Moto Z and Moto Mods are a great concept, and it looks like Lenovo will be expanding the Moto Mods program this coming year. Building a smart phone that is perfect for any situation is not the easiest thing to do. But Moto Mods allow you to add that extra capability that can make your phone into a super-device perfectly tailored for your needs.

So, since Lenovo has so thoroughly embraced Moto Mods and is continuing to release them, we asked our editors here what they would like to see the next Moto Mod offer. The result was a wonderful collection of ideas from some of the finest minds in mobile.


Adam Doud

Senior Editor

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Moto Yotaphone!”

I love the concept of Moto Mods, and adding that next level of functionality to the back of your phone is a perfect idea. I think I’d like to see Moto take it to 11, by adding a color, e-ink display to a Mod, making it basically a Yotaphone. You could transfer information to the back of the phone and draw basically no power from the Mod. Make it a touch screen and you could conserve that much more battery life from activities like reading, mapping, playing music, and all sorts of activities that require the screen to be on. I’d love to see that.


Adam Lein

Senior Editor

“Make the existing ones better.”

I’m still waiting for a Camera Moto Mod that works well. The Hasselblad True Zoom had a sub-par sensor, sub-par lens quality, software stability problems, the lens didn’t cover the sensor fully, and for the thickness it added there wasn’t even an extended battery built in. Excluding a standard tripod mount was an obvious mistake too.

I’d also like to see a credit card reader extended battery Mod w/ swipe, chip-reader, and NFC mobile payment support. That would be great for small businesses to easily accept payments from anywhere.

jaime-rJaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager

“Swiss Army Mods”

Sadly I was only able to test the Moto Z for a brief period of time. My first impression was actually that this device was designed to only be used with Moto Mods given how thin it is. What I don’t like is that each Mod serves only one feature. It’s either just a battery, or just a camera, or just a wooden back. If anything I think I’d love a Mod that would actually serve the phone with more than just one basic. One that would serve with battery power, a headphone jack and an extra slot for more storage would be great. And hey, if we want to get geeky, how about a Mod with a slide-down game controller, or a slide-down keyboard, or an optional e-ink display for reading books on the subway.

joe-lJoe Levi

Senior Editor

“…and YOU get a Mod and YOU get a Mod and YOU…”

Why stop at just one idea? There are a ton of useful Mods that could make this an awesome phone!
1. Range extender – think Wilson signal booster here… or the yet-to-be-released BearTooth.
2. Boombox
3. Extended battery, with built-in massive storage (SSD-size?)
4. Computer hub – usb ports, HDMI, cradle, ethernet… think continuum, but on steroids…
5. Computer hub PLUS – add more ram, processors, GPUs, etc… think Surface Book with its performance “dock”
6. Thermal camera
8. Drone controller
9. Radio/TV antenna
10. car dock

jules_profileJules Wang

Contributing Editor

“Floating Mods…”

If I were to up and buy a Moto Z tomorrow, what’s the first big Moto Mod I’d want or, if it exists, buy? Well, forgive my newfound obsession with vanity, but it would probably have to be an attachment to work with those floating Bluetooth speakers and let me watch videos hands-free. I’ve got better things to do than stick my hand up to my face to give myself valuable multimedia content, right?

“My kingdom for a Mod”

There are a ton of Mods that are possible, and despite the fact that we have around two dozen suggestions in just this one article, it seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface. So what do you think? Where should Moto, or a third-party put their R&D. What would you like to see your phone do? The sky is the limit, so jump on down to the comments and let’s get a nice little workshop going.

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