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Next MacBook Pros: Much faster processors, MagSafe, upgraded displays, and no Touch Bar

By Prakhar Khanna January 15, 2021, 2:54 am
MacBook Pro

Apple is reportedly planning to upgrade its MacBook Pro laptops this year. The company might introduce new, much faster processors, and the return of magnetic charging. As per a report, the new laptops are planned to have MagSafe charging with the similar elongated pill-shape design of the older MagSafe port. However, Apple is not going to remove the USB Type-C ports as it will include “multiple USB-C ports” on its future Macs.

The latest development comes from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg who wrote a report and cited “a person with knowledge of the plans.” Apple is said to be working on refreshing both 14-inch and 16-inch variants of its MacBook Pro. The former is codenamed J314 and a 16-inch version internally dubbed J316. Both these devices will move away from Intel processors and will be powered by the next-generation versions of Apple’s in-house Mac processors. These processors will be upgraded with more cores and enhanced graphics.


Upgraded chips with up to 32 cores?

For the unaware, Apple is tipped to be working on a series of new Mac processors that are aimed at outperforming Intel’s fastest. The next custom chip, which is planned for release as early as the spring and later in the fall could power the upgraded versions of the MacBook Pro, both entry-level and high-end iMac desktops as well as a new Mac Pro workstation. Apple is also working on chips with more GPU cores. For the unaware, the M1 chip comes with either seven or eight GPU cores. It is said that the company is currently testing models with 16 and 32-cores. These could be seen on the upcoming MacBook Pros.

The display and design will see some changes as well

Further, the forthcoming devices are also rumored to get upgraded displays. These will be brighter, higher-contrast panels as per the report. Another change is how computers will charge. The upcoming Macs could mark the return of MagSafe on laptops. Over the past five years, Apple has relied on USB-C ports for both power and data transfer on its laptops. However, the company is said to be bringing back its magnetic power adapter. It will allow the laptops to charge at a faster rate.

Goodbye, Touch Bar?

The report goes on to say that Apple has also tested MacBook Pro versions without the Touch Bar. The feature was introduced in 2016. It turns the keyboard’s top row from function keys into a touchscreen strip that can display a variety of information. It changes controls as per the needs of apps and tasks. However, it is not very convenient for some professionals.

As for the design, the new Macs will look similar to the current versions, albeit with minor design changes. Apple is planning to launch its new MacBook Pros by the middle of this year. That said, the company is also planning a redesigned MacBook Air but it is not expected to release anytime soon.


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