Sony’s next-gen flagship will deliver a ‘complete new design’: can you say minimal bezel?

Sony made an unexpected splash at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress back in February, taking the wraps off the first “commercial” Snapdragon 835 phone, which just so happened to support mind-blowing slow motion video recording and 4K HDR content streaming as well.

But the Xperia XZ Premium had a fatal problem – it looked outdated right off the bat next to the “Infinity Display” Samsung Galaxy S8 and “FullVision” LG G6. Then came the XZ1 a few weeks ago, and once again, Sony failed to catch the eye of flagship mobile device consumers with a done to death design.

This is going to finally change pretty soon, according to rampant recent rumors and now even a company executive, though the Japanese corporation’s mobile branch can only hope it’s not too little, too late.

Kenichiro Hibi, the Managing Director of Sony India since 2012, went on record with local media after the somewhat muted expansion event of the Xperia XZ1, telling us to “expect a complete new design” from a “new generation of products” currently in the works.

Hibi didn’t go so far as to confirm the release timeline of these “completely” redesigned devices, but you have to assume he’s talking about the legitimate XZ Premium heir likely coming in the spring. A delay until fall 2018 for the already long overdue “omnibalance” replacement just isn’t going to cut it.

After all, JDI’s 2:1 “Full Active” LCD screens kicked off mass production back in June, looking nice and prepared for minimal-bezel integration into Sony’s unnamed next-gen hero phone. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the “mass-market” XZ1 flagship is priced at Rs. 44,990 (around $690) in India, which is significantly cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, but disappointingly costlier than a OnePlus 5 or Nokia 8.

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