Motorola’s latest product launch came and went without any sign of a new smartwatch, but evidence continues to mount in favor a next-gen Moto 360. As we wonder if Motorola will end up following in Samsung’s footsteps and saving its new wearable for IFA, the manufacturer may have just given us an early look at the model, publishing a short Moto 360 promo video that appears to feature brand-new hardware.

While Motorola’s initial post has since been deleted, the video it oublished was archived before that could happen, and it’s retained for your viewing pleasure below. In it, we see a round-screened smartwatch with the same “flat tire” design as the first-gen 360, but now with pronounced lugs for its strap, and a side button that slides a bit up from its current placement.

If that look seems familiar, you’re not mistaken, as it’s very much the same design we saw in that old Lenovo leak dating back to March.

We suppose it’s possible that someone at Motorola got lazy and grabbed the wrong imagery for this video – maybe a prototype from an old design – but considering everything we’ve seen so far, and the way this layout’s been recurring, we’d say there’s a solid chance we’re looking at the next Moto 360 here.

Source: Motorola (Twitter – deleted)
Via: Droid Life

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