Next Apple iPhone To Feature “At Least Four-Inch” Screen

As we get closer and closer to the time of the year when Apple is expected to unveil the successor of the iPhone 4S, rumors, leaks and reports are piling up. We’ve already heard some hear-say about larger screens but so far it is unknown whether it is just a general wishful thinking of something the Cupertino company really considers. Recently we heard of a 4.6-inch screen report on the next Apple smartphone and now the Wall Street Journal is chiming in.

Of course, the information below is based on “people familiar with the situation” so treat it with your usual dose of salt. Said people claim that display production for the next iPhone will start next month and that the screens will measure “at least four-inches”. We know Apple’s very strict policy on one handed operation so whatever the company has up its sleeve is anyone’s guess. We tried our best to envision how a larger-than-four-inch screen will fit the relatively same form factor and we came up with the above monster, right next to the iPhone 4S. If Apple decided to stick to the Home Button — though it would be probably time for it to go — it has to be smaller or at least thinner and wider to fit the miniature bezel.

Many consider the 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone — any iPhone, since its 2007 debut — to be a sweet spot while others think it’s time to move on to larger displays. You don’t have to be an Apple fan (or on the contrary) to drop some pertinent and solid arguments in favor of both theories. Time will tell… (or leaks).

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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