Apple is already working on improving its MacBook Pro models. This time we see a gradual intention of making physical keyboards disappear and replace them with dynamic ones. This isn’t a bad idea. They just have to get over one small yet crucial detail.

The Touch Bar has come to give us faster access to many applications in the current MacBook Pro models and giving this bar a larger area in the device is something that only seems logical. The thing is that maybe Apple wishes to give us a Touch Bar that completely takes over the keyboard area to give us a full touchscreen keyboard. The only problem with this idea is that without the physical keyboard we would lose “feel.” It’s true that Haptic functions do a good job of simulating keypress, but it’s not the real thing. Apple also has to find a way to give us the feel of the edges in each key even when they’re not being pressed since that’s the way most people guide themselves while typing.

Anyways, this concept seems very interesting, and it’s something that we will probably see in a not so distant future. Now, we shouldn’t be so worried about losing our physical keyboards anytime soon, like the audio jack or Touch ID, I hope.

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