With the arrival of new CEO Marcelo Claure, Sprint is looking to shake things up and grab itself customers. This is largely an uphill battle for the company though, and a difficult one at that – the company is frequently stereotyped as the carrier where you’ll never have service. While that’s pretty far from the truth these days, it is indeed a fact that Sprint is the least reliable major US carrier, so it has to counter that by enticing customers with sweet-looking plans. The latest new Sprint plan? Pay $50, get unlimited everything (with support for Spark LTE, too). But there’s a bit of a catch involved.

This plan only is available for the new iPhones – not just any new iPhone; specifically the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. So the majority of the world cannot have the plan, which is disappointing, but hey, business.

In addition to the new plan, Sprint has announced that it’ll help you break up with your existing carrier by paying your ETF if you wish for that to happen. There’s also a new “iPhone for life” initiative that’ll let you pay $20 a month to get yourself a brand new iPhone every two years with no additional downpayment.

Source: Sprint
Via: Engadget

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