We could be getting a new smartphone from Essential that works mainly on voice commands

We know that the Essential Phone didn’t get all the love or the attention it deserved and therefore were not getting a PH2. What we are getting is a new smartphone that could use artificial intelligence to make you use your smartphone with voice commands.

New rumors indicate tell us that Essential is working on a new device to “free users” from their smartphones with artificial intelligence as its main tool. We know how we use digital assistants to make appointments, calls, send messages and look for information on the web. Now, this new device would also include some of the standards of phone designs, like for example, using a small screen and making most interaction rely on voice commands. It seems that the concept of your phone being a virtual version of you can become true and let you enjoy several activities without the need to have your device in your hands.

We will surely have to wait a while to see this device come to the market, but its concept seems very interesting. Just imagine a smartphone with artificial intelligence that can do any of your most common daily practices. Talk about extreme machine learning.

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