We may be getting closer to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S21, as rumors suggest that we could see Samsung’s latest flagship as soon as January 14. That means that we will most likely start to receive even more leaks and rumors about the upcoming devices. The latest leaks reveal the devices in all of their color options, and we have even received confirmation that the higher-end model will also feature S Pen support. However, the latest leak could confirm that the new Galaxy S21 lineup may be less expensive than its predecessor.

Earlier this month, we received leaked information suggesting that the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series was going to reach the market with rather aggressive prices. According to those rumors, the vanilla Galaxy S21 would start from $850 – $899, which is at least $100 less than what the S20 started for. The Galaxy S21+ could arrive with a price tag that would set it between $1,050 and $1,099, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra would start around $1,250 and $1,299, which would also translate into a $100 – to $150 price drop.

Now the latest information comes from GalaxyClub, and they claim that the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be more affordable than its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S21 with 128GB would start for €879, which is less than the €999 price tag set on the Galaxy S20 when it arrived. The Samsung Galaxy S21+ is expected to arrive with a €1,079 price tag, which is also less than what was initially charged for the Galaxy S21+.

However, we could see the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with a €1,399 pricing, which’s €50 more than what was charged for last year’s Galaxy S20 Ultra. This price hike may be caused by the new features that are expected to come with the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, as rumors say that it will feature stylus support, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Galaxy Note series is going to disappear anytime soon.

Source GalaxyClub

Via SamMobile

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