Pebble’s in a tricky position: it was arguably the first mass-market smartwatch that saw any real measure of success, yet being first to the party also means that it risks being eclipsed by flashier new models like those on the Android Wear front and the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch. Last year we saw Pebble take some real steps to keep its smartwatches feeling modern, delivering new features via software and adding the ability to display Android Wear notifications. But eventually, could a fresh start be the answer? Pebble may be embarking on one of the most ambitious years in its history, as we hear today not just about new hardware that’s over the horizon, but also about a big shift coming to the company’s software platform.

To hear CEO Eric Migicovsky tell it, Pebble’s working on “a new framework to use as an interaction model on the watch,” one that will be less focused on watch-borne apps. Just what would be the wearable’s main emphasis is something he’s not yet sharing, so we can’t yet say if the new Pebble experience will be more notification-heavy, or offer something we may not have even considered yet.

As for the new hardware, all Migicovsky is willing to divulge at this time is that it will be out sometime later this year. That sounds a bit more like Q3/Q4 than anything we might hope to see at MWC next month, but having something to look forward to this summer (or fall, as the case may be) sounds pretty nice, too.

And one last tidbit for you Pebble fans: the company finished out last year by shipping its one millionth smartwatch. For an upstart in a nascent market, that ain’t half bad.

Source: The Verge

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