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New Oppo charging technologies focus on safety and speed

By Roland Udvarlaki July 29, 2021, 6:00 am
Oppo whats next for charging featured

Oppo has announced many new battery technologies focusing on battery safety detection, improving reliability, durability, and charging speeds at the Oppo Flash Charge Open Day a few days ago. Each new technology innovation aims to improve the performance and provide more safety measures if the worst happens to the battery in a device during fast charging.

According to Oppo, its batteries will only lose 20% of their capacities after about 1500 cycles, which would exceed the requirements by 300%. This is all thanks to the hardware and AI software optimizations that the company has been working on for many years.


The internal string double cell structure offers a new, innovative way to pack two battery cells in one compact battery. A layer of polymer allows the two batteries to work seamlessly and independently from each other.

There will also be a new battery safety detection chip in place to prevent any accidents from occurring. The chip will help identify any problems there may be with a battery, long before anything would appear to human eyes. The chip will check for abnormal voltage dips and use AI algorithms to check the health condition of a cell intelligently. When a battery is damaged or needs replacing, the user can be notified of the hidden risk of safety problems.

Oppo charging, smart way to charge up

A new smart charging algorithm will also ensure that the regulation of the charging is balanced and safe. It’ll detect different batteries, different battery capacities, charging adapters, and battery usage state to offer the best speeds possible. Once everything has been checked and analyzed by the software, it’ll determine what the best current is that’ll generate less heat.

Oppo will also equip its phones with gallium nitride, which will offer better voltage resistance than silicon, which will result in smaller chargers and deliver more efficient currents, and it’ll lose less energy to heat up. Oppo also claimed that its 65W Super VOOC changing is now around 20% faster, which allows a 4,500 mAh battery to be fully charged in 30 minutes.


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