It seems that things aren’t going so great over at OnePlus. The company has recently launched a couple of new budget-friendly Nord devices and its OnePlus 8T, but at the same time, the company saw how one of its founders decided to leave. Now, a new report claims that the OnePlus Watch could also be delayed, with no possible launch date in sight.

OnePlus may have some serious issues in its hands. It was rumored that the company was going to launch its new OnePlus Watch sometime this month, but instead, we received the OnePlus 8T, without a Pro version and two new OnePlus Nord devices made their way to the United States and Europe just yesterday. However, according to Max Jambor’s information over at Voice, the OnePlus Watch announcement has been postponed with any new date. There are no official reasons behind this delay, but it may end up being caused by complications with production or software development.

Now, it is also said that OnePlus had already started sending out engineering samples to telecom agencies earlier this summer, but we haven’t seen any of these devices leaked. As far as design goes, it is believed that the OnePlus Watch was going to arrive with a circular display, instead of the square display found in the OPPO Watch, which also looks very similar to the Apple Watch design.

“In a tweet, Max J teases in his usual cryptic style that the OnePlus “Wotch” will be using a circular design. While round shapes are actually pretty typical of smartwatches paired with Android smartphones, this news actually comes as a bit of a surprise.”

Maybe OnePlus decided to take a different design direction to avoid more US customs issues, as the company’s OnePlus Buds already faced some issues because they look almost identical to Apple’s AirPods.

Source Voice

Via Android Police

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