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Leaked Motorola Droid pics highlight Moto X Play-like design, wireless charging HW

By Stephen Schenck July 30, 2015, 6:29 pm

We were just thinking about Motorola’s plans for Verizon, upon hearing about a couple possible Droid-series smartphones tipped to be in the works for the carrier. With the Moto X Pure Edition not slated to get any direct in-store support from the major US networks, Motorola could really stand to get a carrier on its side, and a new Verizon-exclusive Droid model might be just the ticket. In the weeks leading up to the launch of Motorola’s latest Moto-line handsets we saw a leak or two purporting to reveal new Droid hardware, showing devices that seemed to match what was ultimately revealed as the Moto X Play. But today some new shots of what’s supposedly one of these new Droid models have arrived, and they make the case for a handset that’s firmly a phone of its own.

While these pics may superficially resemble the Moto X Play, with its round dual-LED flash and rear “Lumia bar” that’s broader than the narrow strip on the Moto X Style, we’re now noticing that this isn’t a perfect match – the spacing is different from what we see on the Moto X Play, and the whole camera assembly appears to be further up on the phone’s body.

There’s also clear evidence for wireless charging, a feature absent on the new Moto X phones. We were sad to see that unavailable, and it would be a small coup to have it present for Verizon users.

We aren’t quite to the bottom of the story surrounding Motorola’s plans for new Verizon-exclusive Droid models just yet, but a few more leaks like this and we’ll be on solid footing.

Source: Hellomotohk (Facebook)
Via: Android and Me

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