Motorola’s upcoming July 28 event is all over our thoughts this week, especially as we look to pick up any last-minute leaks helping to prepare our expectations for the company’s announcements. And while we’re certainly looking forward to a nice selection of smartphones, what about other mobile products? Despite how much we might like to see a new Moto 360, that’s still very much a long shot, but there’s one accessory that now definitely looks like it will be making an appearance, as a newly revised Moto Hint wireless earbud make an early debut.

It may look just like the first Moto Hint, but as a listing on Best Buy’s website confirms, this is a new version, with a new model number attached. Despite appearances, Motorola does seem to have made some real changes with this new hardware, beefing-up battery lifetime to offer an extra seven hours on a charge (with its charging case). Sound quality has also reportedly been improved, as has the earbud’s fit.

We seem to be looking at a new price for the second-gen Moto Hint, and instead of the $150 the original went for, Best Buy has this new one for more like $130. And though Motorola itself doesn’t appear to have formally introduced the new Hint, it sure is putting the original on fire sale, letting it go for just $80.

Expect to learn even more about the new Moto Hint when you check back with Pocketnow for coverage of Motorola’s July 28 announcements.


Source: Best Buy, Josue Joseph (Google+)
Via: Phandroid

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